Wright’s Budgetary Priorities

This letter makes it even clearer than it already was that the College�s budget cuts are merely about endowment preservation. The only change in the financial picture was a �decrease in endowment revenue,� which actually sounds like the endowment rebounded from the negative year it had and is growing again, just not by that much. That may be just be ambiguous wording, but either way the notion that the endowment must be preserved rather than spent, even if it means shutting down libraries and athletic or academic programs is appalling. The endowment is supposed to exist to support the College�s activities, not the other way around.

And as an alumnus being asked to �step forward in this time of need,� I�d love to know how the College justifies even considering funding something as frivolous as a Critical Review of Dartmouth Symbols project if it�s in such dire straits.