Wright on Powerline

Today, Powerline Blog features this brief interview with President Wright. It touches on all the standard hot-button topics (Alumni governance issues, Western Civilizaiont curriculum, etc.), with little editorializing. You get the impression in reading it that Wright was using the interview to stump for himself, the College, what have you. Case in point:

President Wright seems to have sought us out as representative critics of the Dartmouth administration whom he sought to win over in advance of the vote on governance changes to be submitted to Dartmouth alumni for a vote this fall. President Wright referred to himself several times as a political historian; he is the author or editor of five works of political history.

His political skills were prominently on display in his meeting with us. He was incredibly well briefed on John and me, referring to my daughters and to our work for Power Line. He began by asking how we found time to write for Power Line while pursuing our vocation. He acknowledged criticism we had directed toward the Dartmouth administration. Taking notes, I said that I wanted to convey his message without editorial comment and write something about our meeting that he would feel fairly presented his views.