Wright: It’s OK, Really It Is

President Wright saw it fit to reassure the faculty at their spring term meeting yesterday. Wright told the gathered professors, “you should never waver in what you do and in what you represent, and you should never doubt the Board of Trustees’ support.”

While Wright’s confidence is not misplaced per se (of the seventeen voting members on the Board, just four were petition candidates), the very fact that he must reassure the faculty is telling. Alumni are becoming more aware of the goings on in Hanover, and with this increased scrutiny comes increased pressure. In the last three trustee elections, four petition candidates and zero Alumni Council nominated candidates have been elected. The direction the College is heading is unsatisfactory, and alumni are manifesting their displeasure in these elections. So will Wright lose the Board’s confidence right now? No. Will the administration lose more elections if they don’t start focusing on the petition Trustees’ issues? Yes in italics.