Wesley Clark

To CNN’s Judy Woodruff on a potential candidacy for prez: “Well, I’m looking at all of the issues and the problems confronting our society. I’m looking at my own situation. But I don’t have any plans. I don’t have any intent, and it’s just a long way from anything like that. But I do think this country is in a very difficult set of circumstances right now. If you look at where we are, we’ve got Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda still throughout. We’ve got troops on the ground in Afghanistan. We now recognize that despite all the rhetoric of the election, U.S. forces do have to be involved in nation-building and peace-keeping, because that’s essential to international security and maybe there’s bipartisan recognition of that now. And meanwhile, another conflict facing us in Afghanistan, the economy’s in difficulty. People are losing their jobs. Good people are losing their jobs. We have other problems that we’re wrestling with in this country. So I think it’s a time of significant challenge.”

I couldn’t find the transcript on CNN.com (didn’t look very hard), but that’s excerpted from Hotline. Sounds like the Dems may have a candidate after all.