Victory: AGTF Constitution Soundly Defeated

The proposed new Dartmouth alumni constitution, as drafted by the Alumni Governance Task Force, has been resoundingly defeated. Proponents had hoped that a 30% voter turnout (seemingly a pipe dream going into this process) would guarantee passage by the 2/3 super-majority needed. Turnout was indeed a record–37%–which makes the defeat sting that much more: 51%, or over 12,500 voters, voted “NO.”

The implications here? The AGTF wasn’t even close in trying to construct a document that alumni wanted. Back to the drawing board. I’ll throw my name into the ring right now to be on the next task force. Additionally, Merle Adelman et al. must now reschedule their unconstitutionally cancelled executive elections for the Association of Alumni… stay tuned to Dartlog and The Dartmouth Review for updates on the fallout of the constitution’s defeat.

Additionally, the other four proposed amendments, all of which the The Dartmouth Review endorsed, each failed to muster the necessary votes for passage.