Valley News Roundup

John Gregg, of the Valley News, presented a roundup of the current Board of Trustees debacle in today’s paper. The article is a good quick presentation of the events to this point, but there is not anything in the piece that we have not already reported on this blog. The article has also confirmed what was first reported here: David Spalding ’76 was the lone dissenter from the Association of Alumni’s letter to the Board of Trustees. A few revealing quotes:

Any board, [Neukom, Chairman of the Board] said, “would be informed by a prior resolution, and informed by a continued history of parity, but not bound by it.”

Neukom was similarly circumspect when asked whether he believed the election of Smith and the three prior petition candidates — the founder of a semiconductor company in Silicon Valley, a former speechwriter for Ronald Reagan, and another conservative law professor — had been good for Dartmouth. “It’s not a question that I think I should answer,” Neukom said.

“Do I think that Dartmouth should populate its board with alumni? Do I think the alumni should elect them? Not necessarily. … It should be up to the board to decide what they need to best oversee the governance of the college,” said Routhier [former President of the Alumni Council], an executive headhunter in Connecticut.

If Routhier doesn’t want alumni on the Board of Trustees, who does he want?