USS Score Political Points

Last Friday Navy Secretary Ray Mabus announced that the Navy’s new variant littoral combat ship (LCS) will be named for former Arizona Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords.  Mabus said that the since “unwavering courage has defined the Navy for 236 years…  it’s very appropriate that LCS 10 be named for someone who has become synonymous with courage.”

The military community, however, thinks differently.

“Here is the issue,” said Retired Rear Admiral George Worthington, former commander of the Naval Special Warfare Command, speaking to the Daily Caller, “we think fallen Marines and perhaps supporting sailors should go on fantails before random victims.” Worthington stated that military friends have agreed with his sentiment, saying that they are “shocked and angered” by Mabus’s decision.

Clearly Giffords has been making an inspirational recovery from a nearly tragic assassination attempt, but does her getting shot really warrant the naming of a Navy vessel after her? What about all of the members of the military who willingly put their lives on the line to fight for their country and defend freedom? Giffords, a relative no-name before the shooting, never risked her life in a fashion that showed “unwavering courage” like a Marine does on a daily basis.

I don’t want to suggest that we should not admire Giffords for her brave recovery, but naming a ship after a fallen soldier like Dakota Meyer, who received the Medal of Honor, would be much more appropriate and motivating to a sailor aboard a Navy ship.

Politics should stay out of the military so that we can recognize the true guardians of freedom for our country.


–Will Duncan