Untamed is Recognized

For many of us last year, the founding of the College’s second humor magazine (the Jack-o-Lantern being the first) Untamed was a cause for celebration. How many times was I low, only to have my spirits lifted by a new edition of Untamed? Countless times. After all, this is the publication that brought us such gems as: “Girl, you’ve got that bomb ass pussy.” Laughs abound with each issue: Fortunately, the creators behind Untamed have been recognized for all their hard work, winning the coveted prize of the “COSO Outstanding Publication 2006-2007.” Congrats Untamed, here’s to many more laughs down the road.

>Date: 12 Oct 2007 11:50:48 -0400
>From: Untamed
>Subject: Write for Untamed!
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***Looking to publish your work?***

Submit your papers, (Women’s and Gender Studies, Anthropology, English, Religion, History, etc.), creative writing, art, photography, essays, memoirs, rants, and articles to:

***Untamed Publications***

*Winner of COSO Outstanding Publication 2006-2007*

Untamed is THE campus feminist/womanist publication.

Blitz “untamed” to submit your work!
Men and Women wanted!

~We are having our first meeting of the term on Tuesday 10/16 in Collis 221 from 8-10pm. ~

This term’s theme is Women of Adventure.
Bring your article ideas and an open mind!

Valerie Arvidson
Editor, Untamed Publications