Tuck Prof to Join CEA

President Bush has named Tuck professor Matthew Slaughter to the President’s Council of Economic Advisers.

The President intends to nominate Matthew Slaughter, of New Hampshire, to be a
Member of the Council of Economic Advisers. Dr. Slaughter is an Associate
Professor of Business Administration for the Tuck School of Business at
Dartmouth College. In addition, he serves as a Research Associate at the
National Bureau of Economic Research and as a Visiting Fellow at the Institute
for International Economics. Prior to this, Mr. Slaughter was a Visiting Scholar
at the Federal Reserve Board and the International Monetary Fund and served as a
Term Member at the Council on Foreign Relations. Earlier in his career, he
served as a Consultant at the World Bank and the Department of Labor. Dr.
Slaughter received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame and
his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dartmouth economics professor Andrew Samwick served on the council as its chief economist until 2004.

UPDATE: As Prof. Samwick notes in the comments, he was a staff economist, not on the council itself.