Thoughts on the Attack on Ehud Olmert

Dear anonymous vigilante:
Your attempts to foment unrest were fumbled at best. Upon seeing your sign hanging in Novack, I sat at a nearby table and watched as student after student mocked your work for its tastelessness.
A mock poster for the event created by a shadowy group…perhaps the F.I.S.T. is behind this?
To be clear, I am not attempting to defend Ehud Olmert’s actions in the 2006 Lebanon War  — if I did, however, I would attach my name to that document and cite some sources. I also wouldn’t shoddily attempt to forge a UN document.
The aforementioned U.N. ‘document’ that supposedly indicts former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert
The College and the folks at J Street U do not aim to defend Olmert’s actions either. No, we are trying to defend basic decency and mature discourse, two ideals we strive to embody as members of a world-class educating institution. If you did some research, you’d realize some Lebanese-Americans hold positions in J Street U. They, however, will afford their potentially perceived opponent a platform with which to speak. They will welcome him with the respect any visitor of The College deserves, and the meeting will probably educate all involved. 
Rarely do we get second chances, especially in the realm of politics. Although your first blow was certainly a flop, you have a second chance. Show up to today’s meeting at 4:30. Show yourself. Remember that it isn’t a shouting match. (I’m referring of course to the debacle with Ray Kelly at Brown University.) Listen to what the man has to say, then present your opinions in a timely, respectful manner. You may garner some respect for your actions. 
Just don’t forget that in a fair fight, the opponent is allowed to hit back.
Nemo te impune lacessit.
Yours truly, 
Henry Woram ’17