The Texas Perspective

Jeremy Donaldson ’98 writes:

I was perusing the latest issue of the Daily D, which I often do for comic relief (after I’ve read the NRO and the Review Online), and almost choked on my morning coffee. Dartmouth College now has a Dean of Pluralism. I am convinced that my calendar is incorrect and this is the April Fool’s issue. Or possibly they now run an April Fools-style spoof issue on Halloween as well? Should the alumni vote to become a satellite branch of Brown? Diversitymouth College is rapidly becoming a joke. How can people possibly take our school seriously. Do we?

Either way, now that I live in Houston, I’m considering telling people that I went to Texas A&M (home of the George Bush Presidential library).

Read about Mr. Woon and his new position here. If there’s any justice, Mr. Woon will soon be exploring the plurality of employment-status as one of thirty.

Also read about “diversity seats” in Amherst’s student senate. Oddly, one was to have been allotted to a conservative (how’s that for a minority group?), until recently.