The facilitators are taking over

That’s the real lesson in all this.

I mean, who could take a statement like this seriously:

Respecting the needs of students on campus is not a militant movement. It is an effort to acclimate this campus to the diverse student body that it prides itself on. Different textures of hair require different care and treatment. It is a shame that many students come to Dartmouth only to find that some of their basic hygienic and cosmetic needs cannot be met.

And their suggestions are littered with words and phrases like “dialogue,” “Awareness,” “‘I’ statements,” and “equity issues.”

I’m starting to have some boundary issues. Can we discuss this in the third person?

Yes, the facilitators are taking over, and we’re all doomed (well, those of you on campus are). Attending Mount Holyoke must be like this, except with a few more lesbians.

OK, somebody dump out the recycling bins. I want to have a drum circle, damnit!