The Doctor Seuss School of Medicine

The College announced today that the Dartmouth Medical School, the 4th oldest medical school in the country, will be renamed to the Geisel School of Medicine, in honor of Audrey and Theodor Geisel. Theodor “Ted” Geisel, a member of the class of 1925, is better known to the world as legendary children’s book writer Dr. Seuss.

“The generosity of Audrey and Theodor Geisel, Class of 1925, renders the Geisel family the most significant philanthropist to Dartmouth in its history” according to the College’s press release, which means that Dartmouth’s biggest ever donation comes from a man who “rhymed fafloozle with saznoozle.” Take that, Lohse.

However strange it may seem that our medical school is named after a doctor who never actually earned a doctorate, Dr. Seuss is one of the College’s most famous alumni and someone that has surely done good for the world.

“Ted Geisel lived out the Dartmouth ethos of thinking differently and creatively to illuminate the world’s challenges and the opportunities for understanding and surmounting them,” says Jim Kim. “His vivid storytelling—with its whimsical imagery, fanciful phrasing, and deeper meaning—lives on and raises children’s literacy around the world to new heights by entertaining, amusing, and educating.”

In a related note, the College also announced that these will be part of a mandatory uniform change in the Geisel School of Medicine:



–Will Duncan