Student Assembly Enters Trustee Fray

The Student Assembly’s Alumni Affairs Committee submitted questionnaires to the six alumni Trustee candidates, asking their positions on free speech, room searches, athletics, fraternities, class size and other important issues. So far, Sheila Cheston ’80, petition candidate Peter Robinson ’79, Curtis Welling ’71 and petition candidate Todd Zywicki ’88 have posted their replies.

Both Robinson and Zywicki come out swinging in favor of free speech. Robinson, in particular, attacks President James Wright’s statement that “Dartmouth has no speech codes”:

As a trustee myself, I would refuse to accept any mere form of words like that President Wright offered at Convocation. The administration must instead take action, rescinding all infringements on freedom of speech while promoting a climate in which every man or woman on campus feels genuinely at liberty to speak his or her mind.

Read all the statements.