Snapped up in Excitement

The race for the next Student Body President is now well under way. Last night the candidates ‘debated’ the issues during a Student Assembly meeting. In all there are five candidates. Here is a quick rundown gleaned from The Daily Dartmouth, Facebook, and campaign posters:

Carlos Mejia: former managing editor of the DFP; pushing for 24–hour access to food and the library.

Nova Robinson: wants to bring complete student activities fee ($800,000+) under Student Assembly control; looks good in a skirt and thus is apparently relying on her posters, which have a large photo of her but contain zero platforms.

Travis Green: takes administration line on free speech, “My personal stand is that if you say something that offends someone else or hurts someone else you’ve violated the boundaries of free speech”; also wants to address class issues, he will “address the distortions that socioeconomic class cause.”

Raj Koganti: wants to raise student wages from seven dollars an hour to eleven; make Student Assembly less politicized.

Jaromy Siporen: wants to end “sushi monopoly”; extremely critical of past SA executives, “It’s amazing how much [Student Assembly] claims it does in comparison to what [Student Assembly] actually does,” Siporen said. “I don’t know why more people on campus aren’t screaming bloody murder.”

This last candidate’s remarks are a bit odd considering he played, as SA Parliamentarian, a vital role in stomping out the push for reform during Winter term. There were, in fact, people screaming bloody murder—and he was the one who stifled their screams. His cynical move to say the above appears to have worked, as those unfamiliar with SA will read today’s Daily D and assume he really is a candidate for reform.

The debate was moderated by Kevin Hudak, who used a complex system of finger snapping to keep order.