School Follies

A Democratic state legislator in Texas is looking to require that all students take a multicultural or gender studies course in order to graduate. This sort of thing is actually quite common, but since students tend to have a choice in how they will meet the requirement, it’s usually not that bad. (Most non-Western history courses, for example, probably count.) The primary objection, of course, is making requirements out of faddish or particular concerns. Imagine, for instance, if Texas wished to require all students to take a course on American patriotism, or if Utah were to require students to take a course on Mormonism.

More outrageous, I think, is a case in a Colorado grade school. A 12-year-old there — he’s in the sixth grade — was playing a ball game with his friends when he called one particular call “gay.” The student was suspended, under an anti-bullying policy, of all things. The school district, predictably, is not saying a word on this, citing, predictably, the Buckley Amendment.

The school board has a vote on April 15 as to whether or not they should add a ban to language on sexual orientation to their anti-bullying policy. (But wait, doesn’t that mean it’s not in the policy already? So doesn’t that mean that the student couldn’t have… never mind.)

Perhaps they should read this first.