Robinson the Reviewer

Today’s Daily Dartmouth notes that “While at Dartmouth, Robinson majored in English and wrote for The Dartmouth.” What it neglects to mention is that he was also a staffer for The Dartmouth Review.

Robinson graduated in 1979, and the paper was not founded until 1980. However, he appears on the masthead beginning in Vol. 1, Issue 2 and remained there for some time–listed variously as an “Oxford Correspondent,” “Washington Correspondent,” and “Contributing Editor.” He is also listed as a “former editor” in the preface to an early 90s interview about one of his books.

I’m unsure of how directly Robinson was involved in the paper–and it’s something I’m curious to ask him about–but just that the fact that someone who was once on the Review masthead has been elected to the College’s Board of Trustees really brings home the significance of this victory.