Riner ’06 Wins Assembly Election

Noah Riner ’06 has won the Student Assembly election and will serve as the body?s president for the coming year, the Elections Planning and Advisory Committee announced moments ago. Riner will succeed Julia Hildreth ’05.

Riner narrowly defeated Paul Heintz ’06 in the sixth round of voting, earning 1036 votes to Heintz?s 1007. After last year?s elections were decided by a single vote, the Assembly adopted instant runoff elections, in which voters rank their preferred candidates.

This year?s race pitted several long-time Assembly insiders against Heintz, who ran as an outsider. He hoped to emulate the success of Janos Marton ’04, who used a similar anti-establishment and pro-fraternity platform to earn two consecutive terms as Assembly president.

Jeffrey Coleman ’08 will serve as the Assembly?s vice president.

Meanwhile, Review contributor Danielle Thomas ’07 was elected to a position on the Organizational Adjudication Committee.