Riddle Me This

The Review office has moved, as has been in the works for months. Clint Hendler of FreeDartmouth found this out today and described his discovery with this delightful riddle:

“What do a crumpled up tie, a golf bag, an antique dartmouth pennant, and a hastily cleared out office have in common?”

Well, Stefan and I just stumbled upon this and offered Hendler these responses. They are posted below for your enjoyment.


Uh…the first three things are in the now-vacated Review office, and the fourth thing IS the now-vacated Review office. However, before you begin rejoicing, our new offices are located on the ground floor of Zeta Psi.

And the office, I assure you, was not “hastily cleared out” — it took about 12 hours and a lot of personpower (girls even helped, although they were weak and inefficient).

I don’t imagine your offices would take as long to empty out, having not yet accumulated so much fine computing equipment or heavy-duty file cabinets — unless, of course, you had to move out all the stuff belonging to the Jacko, Word Magazine, the Stonefence Review, etc. Ahh, how sweet it is to have a room of one’s own…


Don’t take the the sparkling cider off ice yet. So, what do all these have in common? Well, the Review office has moved and the three items you mention have yet to be moved, but they will be shortly. And, “hastily?” The move was done over two days, as moves generally are not long-term processes. To further assuage your curiosities, I invite you to peer through the windows of 8 Webster. There you will find all of our equipment nestled comfortably in spacious quarters.