Remembering the Jesus Abuse Movement of the Early 70’s

Dartmouth Review associate Editor Kevin “Snacks” Hudak endured nearly an hour and some questionable South American tea aboard a bus operated by representatives of the Twelve Tribes of Israel two weeks ago. His time and article elicited more than just short-term paralysis. A reader responds:

>From: Julia M. Keane

>Subject: re: Hippies for Jesus


>Cc: Kevin C. Hudak

In light of Kevin Hudak’s May 10 article “Hippies for Jesus,” I thought it appropriate to add some information. The Twelve Tribes community receives much praise for their environmentally conscious and low-cost lifestyles, no doubt appealing to many a savvy liberal. However, despite claims to an enlightened existence, the Twelve Tribes has been anything but a model community. Having faced allegations of child labor, child abuse and neglect, as well as sexual abuse, notably in New York and Vermont, as well as well-founded accusations of racism, the Twelve Tribes fly in the face of human decency, let alone “hippie” or Christian values. This feel-good band of free-thinking, post-consumer age guitar players should be recognized for what they really are – a dangerous and seductive cult.


Julia Keane