Reiko Ohnuma, Part 2

Further examination of Reiko Ohnuma’s Facebook profile has dug up a few more gems:

* On co-professor Clarence Hardy: “Reiko is co-teaching this term with a black colleague…whose mind is no longer on the stupid class.”
* On grading papers: “
Reiko has nothing interesting to say about these damn papers, but better think of something quick.”
* On her course load: “
Reiko shouldn’t be teaching Religion 1 nine years in a row, because it’s getting pretty old at this point.”
* On the religion department: “
some day, when i am chair, we’re all going to JOG IN PLACE throughout the meeting. this should knock out at least half of the faculty within 10 minutes (especially the blowhards) & then the meeting can be ended in a timely manner.” (emphasis ours)
* Lastly, with a bit of irony, she posts a Salon article about facebook: “Professionals over 30 have joined the networking site in droves, but with great convenience can come great embarrassment.”

Again, pictures, in case she closes her profile: