Reflections on Dartmouth privaledge

A certain “Jo” sent this along to the Dartmouth College Republicans, who passed it along to TDR. It seems to be a response to Alston Ramsay’s appearance on “Nightline” last night–but I can’t say for sure, as I am not proficient in the crude proto-language in which it’s written.

Dear Club:

I am not sure if the person that appearred on CNN last night regarding conversative paper and views on campus professors but would like some to share thoughts on that interview.

Amazing that person felt like they had to appear like a little Blond Hair Blue Eyed Patriotic whiner. He talked about how he and other conservatives felt that they had to bring up proffessors that were unfair due to their political views. How sad. One, why do all those that are conservative have to throw the flag up in the face of others. Even in the colors of a tie. Two, that person felt the professors were so unfair about how they graded conservative and republican views and they felt they were being picked on.

I’m tired of this approach of republicans and especially young republicans. You whine about affirmative action and then the professors. How sad. You who are white and go to Dartmouth have a privaledge that most americans don’t have. One you’re born mostly white. You have never been in proverty or had to fight for anything besides your cell phone bill. You are among the people that will be hired by companies and be told to believe in the corporate way. You will believe in corporate way and most of you will go on to be rich due to Dartmouth and your parents. Your views and political connections will never be in question other than what college tries to teach you, if the professors are really being bias but I doubt that. You never even heard what that kid from Madison said about the campus having many views and he never whined. He knew that republicans and democrats have been at that school for years and co existed and gone on to do great things.

I deal with republicans every day at work and can’t say a word about what I believe. You learn in life that it isn’t fair and I can have my own views and beliefs but at a cost. Republicans whine every day but have power right now in congress. You go to a school where you have the ability to get one of the best educations from a famous school but still whine. Boy babies.


At first I was offended, but then I realized that “Jo” had promised us untold wealth and success. Perhaps he/she is not such a bad sort after all.