Re: Trustee Election

Kalb – As usual, the three candidates put up by the nominating committee are almost impossible to tell apart from one another on the basis of the information we are given about them. Luckily, this is one of the rare years when there is a legitimate alternative in the person of petition candidate T. J. Rogers.

Alumni who think the whole, non-transparent, candidate selection process is fine and dandy, and that alumni have been well-served by the Board’s direction of the College in recent years should feel free to pick among the committee’s candidates at random, or by gender, race, region, profession, greek affiliation or whatever other factor makes you happy – it’s not going to make much difference. If you think it’s scandalous that alumni are given no clear picture of any differences in candidates’ beliefs about the proper direction of the College, or feel the Board has in past years been routinely unresponsive to alumni concerns, then the only appropriate vote is for Rogers.

Just in case I’ve been too subtle, I think voting for anyone but Rogers would be a mistake.