Re: Oh Wow

I have a question. What the HELL is “South S.C.”? Do we now have 3 Carolinas? A North Carolina, a North South Carolina, and a South South Carolina (South S.C.)? Scholer, what’s going on down there?

Or was my original theory correct and liberals are a bunch of morons who can neither ascertain nor verify any factitudinal information?

Q: What rhymes with element number 5?

My being obnoxious aside, what is going on here? How is it remotely *possible* for an organization such as UC Berkeley, which is sanctioned by the State of California, which in turn is sanctioned by the federal government, to allow such a thing to be published?

Have we abandoned all pretenses of professionalism? I mean, maybe we should all just give up.

(Yes, I’m aware that factitudinal isn’t a word.)