Re: Nilly

Beck wrote a good article on BuzzFlood. They also have a website.

Someone identifying himself as “TheWho” on Kabir’s computer ( left this message for me today as a response to my post last night-

“Calm down, Kalb. Whines galore.”

Again no valid e-mail, and the computer had been renamed Now if Kabir did this without James’ knowledge, it is another case of Kabir’s cowardice. I do not know why he would do this to someone working with him on BuzzFlood. I know James, from our time working together on the Review, to be a good, honest, and Christian young man.

If it was James, I would like to ask him a question: what would Jesus do?

I would argue that Jesus would use His own name when commenting. After all, did he not keep preaching though He knew He would die for it? Is He not the one with the quotes in red letters? All you face, James, is at worst mockery. Why do you not follow in Jesus’ path?

Really, what bothers me most about this is not people embarassing Dartmouth College, though I might crack wise about some of the sillier things they do, and generally wish BuzzFlood would be disbanded. It is more their refusal to stand behind their opinions. Look at Buzzflood’s about section. It identifies the positions on their executive committee, but does not say who holds these offices. More and more, members of BuzzFlood seem to be ashamed of their organization somehow.