Re: Furstenberg Responds

Furstenberg’s response is confusing… He says The D “misconstrued both the facts and my statements.” He then says “32 percent of the Class of 2007 will be students of color, not 40 percent as reported.”

But in the article, The D never claimed that 40 percent of the students are minorities… Rather, it quoted Furstenberg as saying that, as we approach 40 percent, we are seeing progress. Here’s the quote:

Furstenberg said that as “we are approaching 40 percent non-whites on campus” it “represents real progress.”

Plus, the article quotes Furstenberg himself, saying quite clearly that 32 percent of the incoming class is minority:

The class is comprised of 32.4 percent students of color, Furstenberg said, a record figure.

I never thought I’d be defending The D‘s journalistic accuracy, but it seems they got it right this time. Furstenberg ducked the question.