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WGST 48 (students may take more than one WGST 48 class…see note at bottom)

“Here and Queer: Placing Sexuality”

Professor Kate Thomas

Class Hour–2A

Open to All Students

NOTE: This course will be listed as “Placing Sexuality” on student transcripts.


Here and Queer: Placing Sexuality. This course asks what it means to imagine a queer nation, and works towards theorizing relations between modern constructions of sexuality, nationality and ethnicity. Using an international range of theoretical texts, our “place study” will be Britain and topics will include: postcolonialism and cultural hybridity; aristocracy and effeminacy; drag and music hall traditions; public school culture; Thatcherism, transgendering and the “nanny state.” Authors may include Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Jeanette Winterson. We will study films by Pratibha Parmar, Isaac Julian and Derek Jarman. Open to all students.

Dist: LIT, WCult: EU.

Professor Kate Thomas. 2A

NOTE: Students may take more than one WGST 48 course–as long as the course titles/descriptions are different.