Occupy the Green!

No, really. We just had this sent to us:

To quote [Redacted]: “Bloomberg has ordered the eviction of the Occupy Wallstreet encampment tomorrow morning (at 7 am).  Starting in the near future (as in, I’m heading out there now) we are going to have an open mic style singalong/storytime/poetry in to express solidarity, tell people what’s going on, and ask how we can work against the corporate overthrow of America (or whatever you call the [explitive deleted] up [explitive deleted] you see going on in the world around you).  Somewhere on the green, look for the tent.”

We are starting now, calling the Valley News, and we’ll see what happens.  Come show support, come for a few minutes, stay the night, come in the morning, come whenever!!!  And if you don’t want to be on this list, let me know.  I just drew this up from memory of who was there on Tuesday.


If nothing else, this is at least taking place after the debate and so is unlikely to attract major media attention. Let’s hope we don’t end up with something akin to the shanties that popped up on the Green in the mid-80s. 

Sterling C. Beard