NPR Interviews a Few Folks from TDR

A few days ago Liz Halloran from NPR interviewed myself, Ben Riley ’13 and Blake Neff ’13 about some of our thoughts on the GOP primary thus far. The resulting blog post, consisting of excerpts from the conversation (and a curious title; the headline writers at NPR apparently took some thoughts about the GOP’s alleged anti-intellectualism and ran with it), can be found here if you’re interested. For those looking for a bit of humor, take a glance at the comments, where the wittiest of NPR’s audience accuse us of being:

“…yuppie rich kids in New Hampshire that are disgruntled because the Republican party has narrowed down the fundamentals of their objectives and reduced their support down to 2 kinds of people: a) Poor/White/Racists and b) Wealthy/Snobs…” 

Sterling C. Beard