NH Libertarians Try to Vote in Trustee Election

Following up on his group’s threat, New Hampshire libertarian Michael Lorrey, who is not an alumnus, is attempting to cast his ballot in the alumni Trustee election. He sent the following e-mail to the Alumni Relations office.

As a NH resident since childhood, and a ‘townie’ of the city of Lebanon, I have been subject to the self-important pronouncements and pontifications of Dartmouth professors, at city meetings, in the Valley News, and in our finer publican establishments for more years than most perpetual students. Therefore, I feel I have earned the requisite credit hours to be considered an ‘alumnus’ of Dartmouth. As my family has had its hunting cabin poised mere yards from the border of the Second College Grant for some 35 or more years, and I have enjoyed many a fishing trip on Four Mile Brook or the Diamond rivers, as well as hunted for deer, bear, moose, grouse, and woodcock on your property, I can’t help but feel like I have been a part of Dartmouth for several decades. In addition, my mothers parents willed their bodies to Dartmouth in the interests of science, and despite being a Worcester Polytech undergrad alumnus, gramps was tickled to become a “Dartmouth man” late in life. Given that NH Assistant Attorney General for Covering Up Election Fraud Bud Fitch defines residency required to vote in NH elections as “a state of mind”, and that Dartmouth students use this interpretation to illegally vote at no risk in NH elections, despite not possessing NH drivers licenses, or obtaining them within 60 days of an election, and furthermore, given that Dartmouth College is complicit in this voter fraud, in refusing to disclose which students are or are not valid state residents, the college therefore has given tacit consent for a reciprocal interpretation of its trustee election eligibility rules, and given the span of time the College administration has been complicity, I hereby determine that estoppel has thus set in, and the Dartmouth Trustee Elections are now open to anybody who simply feels like an alumnus of the college.

In light of this, I hereby present to you my choices for Trustee: Peter Robinson and Todd Zywicki. This email is to be considered a valid ballot in the elections since your voting website seems to have a glitch in accepting my login. You may also add my address to your alumni mailing list, so that you may pepper me with pleas for endowment donations and to sell football tickets. Given I’ve enjoyed how well you folks maintain my favorite hunting and fishing coverts, you certainly deserve it. Please keep up the good work, look after nan and gramps, and add my votes to the totals.

Voting in the Trustee election is open to real alumni until May 6.