More on Rogers

It seems like Mr. Rogers has got plenty of fans. This is representative of the emails we’ve received (though not any, I should note, from students):

Dear Graduating Students:

Upset about having Mr. Rogers speak at graduation? You think it’s silly

because he had a children’s TV program and liked to wear sweaters and he

isn’t exciting enough for you? I suggest to look again. Here’s a man who

followed his bliss. He continued on even though people have been making fun

of him and his program, for years. He not only followed his bliss but became

more popular and influential towards children and finding goodness in them

than anyone else. So, he followed his bliss, went against current trends,

became popular, and overall very successful; and his “own” person…now,

there’s a guy you hate giving advise to young people just starting out in

life. Mr. Chris Moore, the philosophy major, had better look beyond the TV

show and props and discover the man behind it; who has lead a fulfilling life

and contributed to the welfare of its children; he need to open up his

philosophical insight.

Thank you,

Dave Miller