Live at Commencement: Larry Scholer Reports

First of all, let me welcome anyone who is joining me live right now. Perhaps, you are homebound, maybe you are just lazy…don’t worry I will not let a detail slip by.

Senator Judd Gregg is in attendance�he marched up to the stage with the professors. Mr. Rogers passed and created quite a buzz among students and parents alike.

While no real Commencement action is occurring, I would like to describe my morning. I arose at 3 AM as my current living arrangements are less than adequate. Dartmouth, of course, kicked me out of my room early this week and I have been living in an office, which, although comfortable, is not acceptable for my residential needs. Anyway, I arrived on the Green around 5:30 and started placing issues in strategic locations (Commencement issue is online now). Around 8 I began personally distributing issues. This guy,short and slight, started standing beside me and telling people not to take a Review. “Do you know what that is?” he’d say. “That is not the real Dartmouth paper.” This went on for a few minutes,. even after I had personally told him, age 45 i’d guess, to behave reasonably. He finally left.

They are giving out graduate degrees now. boring.