Let’s Import a Tradition.

By the way, Talcott’s link on “Wah-Hoo-Wah” includes a reference to what’s called the “Not Gay” chant at the University of Virginia. I asked a coworker of mine who graduated from UVa what this was. UVa’s alma mater, sung to the tune of “Auld Lang Syne,” is “the Good Old Song” (whence comes Wah-Hoo-Wah). Apparently, there’s a line in the song that goes, “We come from old Virginia, / Where all is bright and gay.” The precocious tykes at UVa have taken to screaming, “NOT GAY!” after these lines, and — so I’m told — the stands at football games generally erupt into a frenzy of heterosexuality-affirming and/or homosexuality-denying behavior. Some feel that this brings shame on UVa and is very untoward behavior. Perhaps. But no one can ever accuse those plucky Virginians of even so much as a genuflection to political correctness. That deserves a “Wah-Hoo-Wah,” I think.