Learning from Television

There’s no excuse for voters not to know Peter Robinson.

Chien Wen Kung ’04, has, on several occasions ([link.], [link.]), mentioned Peter Robinson positively because of his role as host of the PBS program “Uncommon Knowledge.” It’s a great show, civil, interesting, engaging various views that are relevant to history and to the present, evocative of “Firing Line.”

If voters don’t really know who Peter Robinson is, they should take some time to watch a few shows because the program highlights not only his book-smarts (he graduated summa cum laude from the College, if the show is unconvincing) but also his people-smarts. He works as a moderator, one who challenges and questions both sides, who nevertheless does not hide his opinions. Any caricatures of ‘the petition candidates’ as a irrational behemoth taking the Board by storm and looking for a fight looks absolutely ridiculous if you see how he works. The clips are in ‘Real Video.’

  • Robinson, Anne Applebaum, and Christopher Hitchens on The Left. [link.]
  • Robinson, Victor Davis Hanson, and Jane Wales (of the World Affairs Council) on the UN. [link.]
  • Robinson, Robert Barro (of the Hoover Institution), and Paul Krugman on Bush’s economics. [link.]
These and many more are available on the “Uncommon Knowledge” website. [link.]