Is Politics That Tiring? Apparently in Great Britain!

You know when you read a story and just burst out laughing? This was my hilarious report of the week.

A 17 year-old girl in Great Britain was listening to an electrifying lecture in her politics class when she let out a big yawn. The problem is, ending the yawn was more difficult than trying to understand the political parties in Old Blighty. After consulting a classmate, her teacher, and the school nurse, Holly Thompson had to go to the emergency room to shut her mouth. There, the doctor stacked 26 splints in Holly’s mouth to relax the jaw, which ultimately worked. Below is a BBC video telling the extraordinary tale.

 I’ve heard some boring lectures in my studies at Dartmouth, but come on, this is British politics- where debates in Parliament are filled with booing, screaming, and passing laws like making it illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament!

In other news, the Interfraternity Council will be hosting a debate between candidates for Student Assembly President on Monday at Heorot. Hopefully the debate is more stimulating than Holly’s politics class…

Date: Saturday, April 9, 2011 12:13pm

From: Interfraternity Council <Interfraternity.Council@DARTMOUTH.EDU>

Subject: IFC Debate – SA President

The Interfraternity Council will be hosting a debate on Greek life between Student
Assembly Presidential candidates on Monday, April 11 at 6 PM at Heorot.

Bring questions.

IFC SA Presidential Debate
Monday, 6 PM

— Dave Lumbert