Indian Neckwear? Charles Knows a Guy…

As many of you know, TDR President Charles Kluender is in on a lot of shady deals. Well, back by popular demand, today he brings you the shadiest of all: Indian Neckwear!

Yes, that’s right, Charles has somehow convinced Ben Silver of Charleston & London to haul Indian ties out of the closet for a limited run. (I’m told poor Mr. Silver only agreed after he was told that otherwise he might have a rather debilitating ‘accident.’) And for the first time EVER Charles is offering Indian BOWTIES! The Dartmouth Review is now the exclusive purveyor of this item, by arrangement, worldwide.

Due to the limited run, and the large minimum necessary, Charles will be placing two orders–one on September 10th and one in November. Shipping time is around eight weeks, so you have to order NOW for Christmas. (Indian ties make great gifts for Dartmouth alums.)

Ties: $65

Bowties: $50

TDR alums are entitled to a discount of some sort.

For all other inquiries and to place an order, contact Charles at