How I Spent my 4/20

A Smoking Pipe.

A Smoking Pipe.

1 Bowl of Autumn Blend Tobacco
1 Briar Pipe
2 Lips of Copenhagen Long Cut
1 Bottle of Douro Valley Port

No one really knows how 4/20 started, legend has it that a group of reefers started the tradition on a treasure hunt (starting at 4:20 pm of course) at a high school in California. Since I do not partake in the marijuana smoking traditionally associated with this counter-culture holiday, but still wanted to smoke something in jest of those that take the “holiday” seriously, I thought that the best compromise was to enjoy a nice evening with my aromatic tobacco. I have not always been a connoisseur of the pipe, but after experiencing the tradition and relaxation that accompanies the ritual, I bought a reasonable briar pipe of my own and a nice aromatic blend. It came expertly packed in a hand carved wooden box and covered in a velvet sleeve. The smell of gilded age social clubs came wafting out and…

Anyways I am rambling. Let us get back to the story. Dressed in the antithesis of typical stoner garb; a tartan dressing gown and house slippers. I made sure that my room was immaculately clean, turned on my music of choice (Kelly’s Irish Brigade by David Kinkade obviously), and Invited my friend Atticus to enjoy the taste and scent of maple, sugarcane, whisky, citrus, rum and vanilla emanating from the bowl of my meerschaum. Of course, the pipe was accompanied by my under-30-proof-beverage-of-choice, from the Douro Valley of Portugal, the Quinta Do Noval 2011 Vintage Port. The swirling flavors of the wine and the tobacco brought me back to the late 18th century, where I could forget about tuition hikes, and where a bloated bureaucracy was developed around nepotism instead of incompetence. It was a fleeting moment of tranquility and bliss, but soon the world around me came back into focus. I smelled the marijuana emanating from under doors throughout the dormitory blocking the pleasant smell of maple, the computer screen flashed with notifications reminding me that socialism was spreading across my country, and I heard the loud boom of rap music turned up way too high. If only I could go back. I would endlessly relive those glory days of the ages long past. But alas, this is the 21st century and the long-term is here to stay.

By Johnovicus