On our precious campus in this precious town to this precious man…

A widely circulating e-mail:

Jim, the C&A’s delivery guy, was robbed between AD and Heorot tonight at around 5:30 after a delivery. The robber stuck a gun in his face and demanded his money. Jim saw him hanging around outside Heorot when he drove in and was hidden somewhere in the shadows near AD afterwards. There is a possibility that he had been hanging around this area for sometime. If you saw someone milling about who looked like they did not belong then inform the Hanover Police about it. He also ran off after the robbery towards East Wheelock. The description is as follows: 5′ 9” with a shaved head. That is about all Jim could remember and he was obviously shaken during and after the encounter so his description might not be perfect.

Please forward to your lists . . . somebody out there saw something . . . lets catch this guy.