Hood Museum Sculpture Finds a New Home

Stepping outside of Novack Cafe of Berry Library today I was shocked to see a gigantic metal structure standing in the middle of the grass. It turns out that the Hood Museum has decided to relocate this sculpture from behind their complex to a more central location on campus. Created in 1970 by Mark di Suvero, the sculpture, X-Delta, features large beams in the shape of an X and an upside down triangle. This piece of art could serve as a source of entertainment for students needing a break from the library with its massive swing and climbable surfaces. This is actually the second time this sculpture has moved in its Dartmouth history. X-Delta was originally located outside of Sanborn until 1984, when students whined that it was too unsightly. Only time will tell how long the sculpture will remain on the north side of the library.

Elizabeth Reynolds