Hey, Graduates

So, you just graduated from a prestigious Ivy League Uni, and, after four years of academic toil, you’re back at home doing nothing. Forget i-banking, forget consulting, why not be a mystery shopper?

On the breezy patio of the Silver Lake Golf Course here, Jennifer Voitle was hard at work.

“Cheers,” she said, hoisting a frosty Corona with lime. Tanned and relaxed after playing a few holes, she finished up the beer and ate a cheeseburger. The golf and burgers were all part of the job, as were the strict instructions from her boss to “consume at least one alcoholic beverage.”

Her morning jobs were equally trying. She went dress shopping, stopped into a bank to cash a check and visited a Saturn dealership to look at new cars. After golf, she was headed to Manhattan for dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. All these activities were paid jobs. Her total earnings for the day: about $300. “Can you believe they call this work?” she said.

And if it doesn’t work out, remember, you’re always qualified to be a medical test subject!