Gentlemen, I reccomend you cast your lots for Paul Heintz.

Granted, this sort of jazz–student ‘government’ and web-logging–is out of character for me, but, for purely pragmatic reasons, I hope Mr. Heintz wins. He’s the only candidate who seems to realize both the limitations and the possibilities of a student assembly. It’s a simple distinction, really, but one of which our late SA members seem ignorant.

The Student Assembly is, of course, a joke; it has all the legitimacy of the Cuban parliment, with only a fraction of the results. Still, with $80,000 to throw around, it could concievably impact student quality of life. Though, not by recycling failed transporation programs (Big Green Bikes, anyone?); not by whining about federal student-loan policies; not by wasting time (and probably money) on The Ivy Council–an organization whose only achievment is to have discovered a level of irrelevance surpassing even our own SA; and certainly not with that oh-so-dreadful of afflictions, ‘big vision.’ What’s needed is small vision: more greenprint terminals and longer library hours are a splendid place to start.

As for Mr. Heintz’s alleged checkered past, the last grown-up presidential election was a contest between a former alcoholic and a self-admitted war criminal. And as for his lack of experience, its a credit to the man that he hasn’t a string of meaningless collegiate acronyms listed on his resume. Assuming that SA isn’t structuraly flawed to the point of complete superfluity–however dubious that proposition might be–Joe is correct, over-motivated careerists plauge SA and lack of experience is, in this case, a virtue.

And Mr. Heintz, if you notice this, could you please do something to get actual butter in Food Court and Homeplate. The margarine is atrocious.