Green Key ’15 Lineup Announced

Who's ready for Green Key 2015?

Who’s ready for Green Key 2015?

After much anticipation, Programming Board has finally released the long-awaited list of Green Key performers. On Thursday, April 23, Programming Board president Chelsea Mandel ‘15 announced that the concert will be headlined by R&B singer T-Pain, hip hop group Far East Movement, and alternative band MisterWives.

Each year’s artists are selected through a multi-step process that incorporates student preferences and Programming Board input. First, an online survey is distributed that allows students to select which artists they prefer. Programming Board then compares the top selections based on availability, affordability, and other factors. Affordability is an especially important concern because Green Key concert tickets are free, unlike spring concerts at most other colleges.

Like previous years, Programming Board has assembled an impressive list of artists. T-Pain is well known for his catchy Auto-Tuned choruses that have anchored more than 50 chart-topping singles, including the sextuple-platinum hit “Low” with Flo-Rida. Mr. Pain also boasts two Grammy Awards and a lovely tenor voice. Far East Movement is an Asian-American group best known for their quadruple-platinum 2010 hit “Like a G6,” which has graced many a dance party. Finally, MisterWives are an up-and-coming indie group from New York who have recently been making waves in the music scene with their single “Reflections.”

Despite the general excitement of the student body, there have been some misgivings about the selection. Both T-Pain and Far East Movement released their top tracks many years ago, and some posts on Yik Yak bemoan the selection of artists seemingly on the decline. Nevertheless, most students seem to be pleased with the selection, and are excited to hear T-Pain, Far East Movement, and MisterWives rock the stage. All in all, Green Key 2015 looks to be a promising party, with or without hard alcohol.