GOProud Co-Founder: “Pull the Plug” on GOP

Last week, GOProud co-founder Jimmy LaSalvia announced that he has renounced his affiliation with the Republican Party and become a registered Independent due to the Republican Party’s “tolerance of bigotry.” For similar reasons, LaSalvia parted ways six months ago with his organization GOProud, a group appealing to gay conservatives. In an interview with POLITICO, LaSalvia stated “I just came to the realization that the Republican Party doesn’t represent my principles and values.” According to LaSalvia, the Republican Party’s leadership has become “so out of touch culturally with life in America today” that the party will never win another national election.

Despite the increasing number of Republicans coming out in favor of gay rights, LaSalvia is convinced that the party is “brain dead” and unsalvageable. “The leadership is so held hostage by the few people who are left in this country who are the voices of intolerance,” said LaSalvia. Citing defunct political parties like the Dixiecrats, LaSalvia asserted that if the Republican Party remains so culturally estranged from its constituents that it is bound for failure. It is easy to argue that the Republican Party is atleast somewhat out of touch with the cultural views of the average American. For example, President Obama won the 2012 election primarily on social issues. However, the more important question remains as to whether the Republican Party is capable of conforming to America’s increasingly progressive social views. LaSalvia is convinced the answer is “no.”

— Ignatius J. Reilly