Freedom: 2011 School Choice Programs

For many students across the nation, the 2011 school year will offer more freedom and educational opportunity than ever before. Eighteen states and D.C. will now offer some form of private school choice, including scholarships, education savings accounts and tuition tax credits. A wave of 150 legislation proposals in forty-two states sparked this movement to broaden school choice. Indiana is expected to introduce the largest private school choice program in the country while Ohio will offer the highest number of choice programs.

Research indicates that students with school choice graduate at significantly higher rates than those without choice. Families living in states such as Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maine, North Carolina, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Vermont and Pennsylvania will experience the many benefits of school choice. In addition, virtual schooling, homeschooling, and charter schools continue to become more popular options for students.

Here is a comprehensive list of 2011 victories in school choice. 

–David Rufful