Fallout from Zywicki’s Speech

The Daily Dartmouth reports on possible fallout from Trustee Todd Zywicki’s ’88 Oct. 27th remarks before the John Locke Foundation. Zywicki defended his criticism of President Freedman, noting that it was in line with the views of both William F. Buckley Jr. and Professor Emeritus Jeffrey Hart. He did, however, rescind his assertion that the rest of the board believed in neither God nor country, saying he did not mean for that remark to be taken literally.

Chairman of the Board Ed Haldeman ’70 has said only that Zywicki’s ‘behavior’ may be an item for the whole board’s consideration. The underlying issue at stake seems to be disagreement over the desirability of the direction in which Freedman led the College.

UPDATE: David Nachman has more over at Super Dartmouth.