Fake Twitter Accounts For Dean Johnson and GLOS Created


In response to the College’s newly adopted “harm reduction policies,” a couple (or one) anonymous students have created fake Twitter accounts for Dean Charlotte Johnson and the Dartmouth Greek Letter Organization and Societies. The two accounts are more than irreverent and quite biting. The Dean Johnson account uses a picture of Dean Johnson sitting in a chair involved in some sort of discussion. It’s information section says, simply, “I get it.” Dartmouth GLOS’ account has a picture of two infants holding empty beer bottles, one looking at the camera and one bottle up, attempting to drink.

The fake Dean Johnson account tweeted on September 18th, the same day Dean Johnson held a forum on the new Greek Letter reforms, “Y’all can treat this like office hours. Ask me something. I promise to give an h̶o̶n̶e̶s̶t̶ answer.” Johnson has received much criticism for the new policies, the speed in which they were discussed and the lack of students consulted. The fake account also tweeted “Why can’t y’all be more like SigEp?” referencing the fraternity’s lack of a pledge term and the discussion of pledge programs used by fraternities and sororities. Dartmouth GLOS’ fake account has light-hearted and satirical tweets as well, one saying “Nothing says ‘autumn’ quite like cider, and nothing says ‘Dartmouth autumn’ quite like hard cider.”

The two accounts make frequent use of profanity, making a move toward the outrageous rather than reality. Dartmouth GLOS’ latest tweet says, “We only have 7 followers. Do Dartmouth students not like us or something?” The two frequently tweet at each other. They can be followed at www.twitter.com/DMouthsJohnson and www.twitter.com/DartmouthGLOS


–George Mendoza