Exclusive Interview with Roemer

The Dartmouth Review: You are a Harvard graduate, correct? How do you compare Harvard to Dartmouth?

Buddy Roemer: The Ivy League schools are the same. They are different in where they are located, but they are all free spirited. They love a debate. I went to Harvard when I was 16-years-old. It was my first airplane trip. I flew to Boston.

TDR: Why did you choose to announce your candidacy here in Hanover?

BR: I was invited to speak at the series of visiting lecturers and it happened to coincide with the time that I wanted to announce my candidacy. And so we asked Dartmouth if they would let us announce here, and they said yes. 

TDR: What do you think is special about New Hampshire?

BR: It’s the right size. It is touchable. It is not Texas. You could campaign forever in Texas. But more importantly, it’s the right spirit. There is an independence here. I’m going to make my case, and if you like it, I’m your man.

–Elizabeth Reynolds