DMS Prof. Helps Develop Least Desirably Named App of All Time

Monitor it so he doesn’t have to. 

I’ll file this one under my List of Things I Hope I Never Own. Dartmouth Medical School Adjunct Assistant Professor Dr. Ronald Yap has helped to develop Prostate Pal, a new app for your Apple product of choice and the only one of its kind if my quick perusal of the app store is any indicator.

While no doubt a good tool for those who want to monitor the health of their prostate, the name strikes me as trying just a little too hard at being cute. Although I realize that attempting to give a prostate app a marketable name may be the most difficult feat in advertising history, something more technical/dignified might’ve fit better.

It does seem to be par for the course in one sense: people affiliated with Dartmouth have a habit of turning out oddball products.

 —Sterling C. Beard