Ding-dong the Witch is Dead

Today (or, more accurately, a few weeks ago) the bell tolls on the Women’s Resource Center. After a brief conversation with former WRC director Giavanna Munafo, the Review has learned that the WRC is no more.

No, the Dean of the College, under whose auspices the WRC operated, didn’t violently come to his senses. The program’s just been renamed. What was the WRC is now the Center for Women and Gender.

“It’s a soft roll-out right now,” says Munafo, explaining why few on campus are yet aware of the change. “The message will be more distributed to campus in the fall.” The Center’s website has not yet been updated.

Fans of the Center’s lascivious schedule need not worry that the new name portends a change in offerings. “It’s just more accurately a reflection of what we do and what we’ve done,” says Munafo. She named the Center’s “Men’s Project” as among its offerings that didn’t quite fit beneath the former moniker.

Munafo also added that men have been welcome at “ninety-nine percent of [the WRC’s] events.”

Your reporter, having attended many, many WRC events, rarely, as a man, felt welcome at the WRC, especially when threatened with feminist-wielded office furniture. But maybe that’s all changed by now.