Daughters of Dartmouth Strike Again

Or do they?

Bring Back Priya Venkatesan!

I fell in love wit Prof Venkatesan. While teh other students in the class really irritated us (particularly this one girl who kept on blowing her nose), I found Venkatesan’s prelectual performances to be enlightening, like sunshine in a dirty toilet. I am currently designing my own major in Postlogical Hermineutics and their Application tot he Morphogenetic Field, inspired largely by Venkatesan’s metadiscourses on “science” and “society” (yes, acceptin the complications of the terms). During office hours (MWF 3-5pm Carpenter 107), She illustrated her Weltanschauung and contrasts it with the more insidious Weltanschauungen of Tom Cormen and teh other pre-Derridian “academics” in the Writing department. (Some of them only have “M.A.’s” from the “University of Toledo”.) The lectures became microcosmic proscenia of the absurdity and hyper-reality of post-constructionist “society”. In our final laboratory expose we were made to write a short paper on what respect of Prof Venkatesan means to us. I wrote a tome.

Venkatesan’s Gesamtkunstwerk is a kaleidoscopic travelogue through contemporary semiotic anapleroticos. I will always treasure this experience as a formative block in my own Bildungsroman at Dartmouth University (no “mistake,” for Venkatesan’s presence qualifies this signifier). In the words of Lao Tse: “??? ?????? ??????? ?? ?????? ??.”

Thanks Men of Dartmouth!
The Daughters of Dartmouth